Pietro Migliaccio was born in San Giorgio a Cremano on december 27, 1953 a little town near Naples, Italy. Following in his father foot steps and after receiving an easel and some oil paint from him as a present. Pietro began to paint and draw at an early age. Together they used to capture the beautiful area of the natural country sides of Mount Vesuvius surroundings. In 1974 Pietro achieves his Master Diploma in Art from the Art Institute of Torre del Greco with a major in coral carving. In 1978 he enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Naples choosing paintings as his major, under the watchful eyes of Maestro Domenico Spinosa. He also enrolled in special courses at the Academy of Naples and learned the technique of “Acquaforte” and Photography with professor Mimmo Jodice. He participated in the artistic curriculum as well as showing his paintings all over the region of Naples. In 1980 he moved to Avignon France and settled down there In 1984 he enrolled in classes such as wood sculpture and achieved his degree in sculpture. After mastering the technique of wood carving, Pietro started sculpturing with rock material. He Participated in several art expositions in the regions of Vaucluse and Bouches du Rhone. In 1985 he started to work as a graphic computer and participated with several computerized graphic studios in Paris. Between 1993 and 1999 he had an opportunity to live and work in Montevideo Uruguay, where he had many opportunities to expose his paintings, sculptures and graphic design works. He traveled extensively through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Mexico. These countries are rich in cultural traditions and will add to his artistic experience. Today Pietro Migliaccio lives and works in Avignon, France.

Pietro Migliaccio is a master in multimedia artforms, in both technique and creative expression. In his journey, Pietro’s personal research is both poetic and visual, adding a strong emotional impact to his works. His artistic work mirrors the qualities and themes of his inner thoughts and spirit. His inspiration and foundations come from studies of art history, greek mythology, as well as the origin and history of his hometown Naples all the way to current days. The years spent in Latin America and his knowledge of the Indo American culture also contributed to the wealth of his artistic expression.